Sound Equipment Motion Sensor Desktop Music Partner Portable Visual Music Soundtouch Wireless Mini Magnetic Fluid Pickup

Sound Equipment Motion Sensor Desktop Music Partner Portable Visual Music Soundtouch Wireless Mini Magnetic Fluid Pickup

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Cabinet Material: Wood

Audio Crossover: Full-Range

Waterproof: No

Communication: USB

Speaker Type: Portable

Channels: 1

Support APP: No

Battery: Yes

Category: Speakers

Use: Camping

Sound Mode: Other

Voice Control: No

Power Source: Battery

Number of Loudspeaker Enclosure: 1

Input Power(W): <25 W

Input/Output: Aux

Intelligent Personal Assistant: NONE

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5%

Sensivity: 75dB

Feature: None

Certification: CE

Material: Metal

Function1: Magnetic suction

Function2: music companion

Function 3: visual music rhythm light

Function4: table decorations

1. This product is not a bluetooth speaker, without a speaker, and will not emit sound.

2. There is no need to connect to any line (wired/wireless), and the magnetic fluid in the glass container will beat with the rhythm of external sound or music.

3. Regarding air bubbles, in order to buffer the pressure in the glass container, each product must have a certain space for air bubbles. The color of the air bubbles is black/yellow. Cover it as the bubbles rise to the top shell.

4. Magnetic fluid dispersion beads stick to the wall and wrinkled skin. The magnetic fluid material is nano-scale iron powder, and the surface of the inner wall of the glass container is not 100% smooth, so vibration during transportation or long-term static may appear sticky wall and wrinkled skin phenomenon. These are the properties of magnetic fluids, which are normal phenomena, and are not impurities. You only need to use the attached magnet to absorb and swim to activate the magnetic fluid. After a while, it will condense into a group. If you feel that the magnetic force of the small magnet is not enough, you can replace it with a magnet with a larger magnetic force.

5. Regarding the sensitivity, since the microphone (sound receiving hole) is designed on the back of the product, try to place the product as close to the sound source as possible, and the magnetic fluid beating effect will be better.

6. Regarding the beating shape, the characteristics of the magnetic fluid are that it gathers and disperses from time to time, and it is not fixed whether it is converging or dispersing. That is to say, the beating shape of each product is different. Even if the same product picks up the same song at different times, the beating effect is not the same. That's the magic of ferrofluid, keeping it fresh.

7. The ambient temperature of the product is between 0C-60C. It is forbidden to use it in a high temperature environment, especially in the high temperature environment in the car in summer.

8. The magnetic fluid is composed of nano iron powder, mineral oil, salt water/pure water, all of which are non-toxic and harmless.

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