Electric Automatic Nail Clipper

Electric Automatic Nail Clipper

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1.This electric nail clipper can trim and polish nails at one time. The torque speed can be adjusted in two gears, and the corners can also be cut cleanly.
2.Large torque output, easy and safe cutting of hard and thick nails and soft nails, also available for young children and elderly people.
3.Alloy cutter head, precise and sharp angle, sharp and durable, cutting nails cleanly.
4.Nail debris contanier. Prevent nail pieces from splashing around.
5.The compact body is easy to carry, and it can be put in your pocket and carry-on bag at will.
6. AAA Battery Powered(not including). No constant charging needed.

Packing List:

1* Nail clipper
1* Small brush
1* USB Charging Cable
1* User Manual


1.This electric nail clipper can trim and polish nails painlessly, so both adults and children can use it with confidence.
2.The 3D precise hole position is comfortable to stick to the nail, and the 360° rotating cutter head trims and polishes the nails without dead ends without hurting the nails.
3.The full-fit arc-shaped protector fits the fingertips, effectively preventing accidental injuries and giving you a comfortable nail trimming experience.
4.The innovative design of the slag box can empty the nail debris with just a slight rotation, making it easy to clean.


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